Spotify Ad Blocker

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Unsatisfied with the current ad blockers for Spotify, I decided to make my own.

The major problems I found with the publicly available ones were:
(1) They hook onto Spotify in a really weird way that messes up the window (can’t minimize, drags Spotify off the screen, changes Spotify’s size to 1×1)
(2) They didn’t work at times (ads still played)
(3) They didn’t work with some Spotify apps (most notably, Soundrop)
(4) Some just mute the whole computer instead of just Spotify.

The solution? EZBlocker! It’s is an extremely simple ad blocker for Spotify that works on a blacklist (“blocklist”). When an ad plays, a notification balloon will appear, which, when clicked, will add that ad to the blocklist. When an ad is blocked, only Spotify is muted, so other sounds (like ones from a game) will be unaffected.

There’s no fancy features, just pure ad blocking. You can find a download link and the source code on my projects page here.

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10 years ago

Thanks! Forked it; will see if can do anything good.