EZBlocker is a simple-to-use ad blocker/muter for Spotify. EZBlocker will attempt to block ads on Spotify from loading. If an ad does load, EZBlocker will mute Spotify until the ad is over.

There are no fancy features, just pure ad blocking. When an ad is blocked, only Spotify is muted, so no other sounds will be affected. EZBlocker aims to be the most stable and reliable ad blocker for Spotify.

There's no setup required - just drag it into any folder and run. To upgrade your EZBlocker, simply replace the executable file.

EZBlocker 1.7.1


Latest: Download v1.7.6 (April 22, 2020)
Changelog and Previous Versions

EZBlocker requires Windows 8/10 or Windows 7 with .NET Framework 4.5+.


Why is my Spotify is permanently muted?
There may be issues with EZBlocker muting Spotify on your computer. You can manually modify your Spotify's volume by opening the Volume Mixer.

How do I block banner ads?
Check the "Block Banner Ads" box to enable banner blocking. Enabling and disabling this feature requires you to run EZBlocker with administrator privileges.

Does EZBlocker block video commercials?
EZBlocker will mute videos but not prevent them from playing. If you don't want video ads, make sure you keep your Spotify minimized.

Why does my anti-virus say EZBlocker is a virus?
The latest version of EZBlocker may be picked up by a few anti virus programs. This is most likely due to the way EZBlocker disables Spotify's ads. If you do not feel comfortable downloading the executables directly, feel free to view the source code and compile it yourself.

How do I donate?
I don't accept donations for EZBlocker. I would rather you spend your money on Spotify Premium. If Spotify Premium isn't offered in your region, I suggest donating to a non-profit such as the Tor Project.

Is EZBlocker open source?
Yes it is, and I encourage all to contribute. The source & technical description is available on Github.

If you run into any issues, comment below in detail the issue you're having.

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1 year ago

Is not doing anything, it used to work perfect, I restarted my PC last night maybe that has something to do with it.

1 year ago

When I open Ez Blocker it indicates that Spotify is paused but it is not.
How can I change this?

1 year ago

EZBlocker Version:
Spotify Version:

The title of the Spotify Window was “Spotify Free” and EZBlocker was muting the sound, although a song played, not an ad. If it can help: this happened when I went into the “what other fans like” category, clicked an artist and clicked play on a song while a song was already playing.

1 year ago

Sometimes mutes spotify when there is no ad playing, very minor issue.

1 year ago

What is with EZBlocker muting podcasts? But not all podcasts, just the ones i want to listen to.

EZBlocker Version:
Spotify Version:

1 year ago

Very happy with EZBlocker since it’s the only application that actually works of all the supposed Spotify ad blockers. So I get fifteen seconds to a minute’s worth of silence every so many songs, that’s still better than listening to the ads. Only issue I have is sometimes I need to open the EZBlocker volume control and unmute the Spotify. But I consider that minor.

1 year ago

EZBlocker Version:
Spotify Version:

Spotify is always muted as soon as i turn the pc on, have to manually unmute the first time every day

Also is only muting adds now, used to just not get any

Nick Carter
1 year ago

EZBlocker stopped working correctly you can change the music tracks but advertisements and videos appear. offering the version of spotify Premiun music
could you please check and update to continue using it
Thanks and congratulations for such a great contribution
Thank you