EZBlocker for Android is no longer maintained and may not work on all devices.

EZBlocker is now available for Android (no root required)!

Get the same seamless experience as EZBlocker for Windows 7/8 on your phone or tablet! EZBlocker for Android will automatically mute your Spotify advertisements on Android versions 2.2+.

Installation Instructions:
1. Download EZBlockerAndroid from your phone/tablet (link below).
2. Install the EZBlocker apk file. You may need to enable “Unknown Sources”.
3. Open your Android Settings, then “Accessibility”, and enable EZBlocker.

Usage Instructions:
1. Press the “Launch Spotify” button in EZBlocker and start playing your music.
2. Close out of Spotify (ie., go to your home screen or any other application). The Spotify notification icon must be visible for EZBlocker to work.
3. Enjoy your music without listening to annoying ads!

It is recommended to use the Spotify home screen widget.

Get EZBlocker here: Download v1.0.0.2 (May 29, 2014)(Text yourself the link)


Why aren’t ads being muted?
Did you enable EZBlocker in your Accessibility settings? Also make sure you don’t have Spotify in the foreground. EZBlocker only activates when the Spotify icon is visible in the notification bar. Read the installation and usage instructions above. In rare cases, some ads may slip through EZBlocker’s filter. Leave a comment below if this happens.

Will EZBlocker slow my phone down or drain the battery?
Probably not. EZBlocker takes minimal RAM and CPU usage and only runs when Spotify is active. It’s footprint is roughly ~20% that of Spotify’s. Newer devices will not notice a difference.

Is EZBlocker for Android open source?
It will be eventually. Right now, EZBlocker for Android is still in its testing phases, so the code is pretty messy and undocumented.

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It’s your time to release a Spotify Mod (to select any track anytime, and block ads), because Spotify are blocking all account using the conventional Spotify Mod APK


hola lo acabe de hacer y funciona tanto en pc como en android es fenomenal este proyecto no cambien nunk


Do u have to update spotify to the latest version? When i tried using the app for the first time ads keep playing and the only way it will mute is if i go to press the mute option on the app


OK, so, I was listening to music, thrn one of those PSA things for Spotify said, “The next 30 minutes are Ad-Free, thanks to this sponsor.” Then an ad played. After the 30 minutes, will ads appear again?


gucci gang



Google for ‘Spotify Dogfood’…that is very nice and works great! 😉


Hello, Mr. Zhang! How are you doing?

I’m wondering if you plan to make EZBlocker for Android open source. I would like to see the code and perhaps improve it.


Alright app is not maintained anymore… Could you at least open the code up?

Can you read

“EZBlocker for Android is no longer maintained and may not work on all devices.”