EZBlocker is a simple-to-use ad blocker for Spotify that automatically mutes commercials.

There are no fancy features, just pure ad blocking. When an ad is blocked, only Spotify is muted, so no other sounds will be affected. EZBlocker aims to be the most stable and reliable ad blocker for Spotify.

There’s no setup required – just drag it into any folder and run. To upgrade your EZBlocker, simply replace the executable.

EZBlocker v1.5


For Spotify 1.0.X: Download v1.5.1.4 (March 14, 2015)
For Spotify 0.9.X: Download v1.4.0.1 (November 22, 2014)
EZBlocker Changelog

The latest version of EZBlocker is picked up as “Trojan.Generic” by a few AV vendors. This is most likely due to the way EZBlocker disables Spotify’s banner ads. If you do not feel comfortable downloading the executables directly, feel free to view the source code and compile it yourself.

EZBlocker requires .NET Framework 3.5 and Windows 7/8.

Help contribute on Github or by leaving a comment.


What does “Mute Only Spotify” do?
If this is enabled, EZBlocker will only mute Spotify instead of your whole computer. This means other sounds from other programs will continue playing. People running Windows XP should keep this unchecked.

Why is my Spotify is permanently muted?
There may be issues with EZBlocker muting Spotify on your computer. If this is the case, uncheck the “Mute Only Spotify” option on EZBlocker. You can manually modify your Spotify’s volume by opening the Volume Mixer.

How do I block banner ads?
Check the “Block Banner Ads” box (in EZBlocker v1.5+ only) to enable banner blocking. Enabling and disabling this feature requires you to run EZBlocker with administrator privileges.

Does EZBlocker block video commercials?
EZBlocker will mute videos but not prevent them from playing. If you don’t want video ads, make sure you keep your Spotify minimized.

Can you make EZBlocker for Android/iOS?
EZBlocker for Android is available here. There are no current plans for an iOS version.

How do I donate?
I don’t accept donations for EZBlocker. I would rather you spend your money on Spotify Premium. If Spotify Premium isn’t offered in your region, I suggest donating to a non-profit such as the Tor Project.

Is EZBlocker open source?
Yes it is, and I encourage all to contribute. The source & technical description is available on Github.

If you run into any issues, email me with so I can get it resolved ASAP. Don’t forget to leave your feedback below in the comments section!

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  1. Spotify pays allmost nothing to small artists (in the range of 0,006 cents per play), making it hard for them to pay bills and hence to spend time on their music (if you cant make music your career you have very little time to improve it).

    If Analytics show that advertising on Spotify doesnt lead to increase in revenue, then companies might think about spending less money on spotify ads.

    If you dont want to support artists directly you should atleast encourage spotify to “support” them a little (they make the content that spotify profits of). That is if you dont want only artists like justin bieber and the like to be able to live of the stuff that you so frequently consume.

    If music brightens your day, showing gratitude by supporting the people who create it might be a great way to make sure that the future of music isnt dumbed down copy and paste music for little children. (not trying to insult annyone ;P)

    • A lot of artists, even some bigger ones, don’t make much money from the music itself anymore, they make more money from show tours and selling merchandise. And this has been happening for a long time, even before all these streaming services.

      Just by going out and seeing your favorite music live, you’re paying them more most the time, than you would for many of their CD’s, even more if you buy a shirt or something after the event. Depending on the cost of the tickets, of course, but a good artist usually isn’t dirt cheap to see.

      Contrary to what people believe, a lot of artist aren’t trying to make money from these services per say, not the greedy ones at least. They’re just trying to get heard by a wider audience of people which in turn bring in more revenue. And these services do that in spades, and of those people who listen to their music for free, they end up going to their shows because of this or buying their merchandise.

      In some cases people like to just hear something before they buy it. Just because someone might listen to music for free, doesn’t mean they never pay for it.

      Just saying, this isn’t hurting anyone. If anything, it only helps them, and even if all of us didn’t use things like this to skip the advertising, they honestly still wouldn’t be making much money from this to support anything substantial. Hence why they do tours often, is because touring is where they make all their real money.

      Let’s use an example.

      Justin Bieber sells out a stadium that can hold 55,000 people, let’s just say the tickets were $100, that’s $5.5 million in one night, just off the tickets alone. And I bet it cost more than that to see Justin Bieber most the time.

  2. I ran this once and it’s blocked ALL ads forever. I’ve restarted my computer and everything. Wow. I can’t rave enough about this tool. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

  3. It works perfect in my Windos Vista. Thanks, Eric.

  4. This may help others. I used to be stuck with “Spotify is Paused” as if it wasn’t detecting Spotify at all, while not blocking any ads. I took it off of “Private Session” and it worked.

  5. Does it work with windows 10 and the recent spotify versions?

  6. Question: Does this need to only be run once to block ads or do I have to start it up every time I use spotify?

    • You can run it one time, once it opens Spotify and you see it working, you can then close it entirely. After that you never have to open it again, every time you open Spotify it will work regardless, even after restarting your computer, it will still work.

  7. I wish I could listen to spotify but it’s not available for me. ArcVPN says it will work. I think I will try it.