Eric Zhang

Software engineer with a focus in security. I enjoy building and owning impactful services, and working across teams to empower security without compromising productivity or usability.

Work Experience

Pinterest San Francisco, CA

Security Engineer

Feb 2016 to Present

- Designed and implemented a centralized authorization service for service-to-service authorization.
- Wrote a host-level logging agent and a high volume log processing service. Set up alerts based on standard and custom IOCs.
- Created an automated system to match Pinterest user accounts with leaked/stolen credentials from breaches.
- Generated signals and user-facing emails to warn users of suspicous logins and for accounts at risk of compromise.
- Built an internal PKI to provision and manage certs for laptops, phones, and on-prem servers to authenticate to VPN, 802.1x, etc.
- Co-managed bug bounty program, incident response, and forensics after security breaches.
- Launched security awareness/education exercises and tracked company progress.
- Provided security support and reviews for other teams through office hours and an on-call rotation.

Pinterest San Francisco, CA

Software Engineer, Intern

Summer 2015

- Conducted security assessments and remediated vulnerabilities in Pinterest and 3rd party vendor services.
- Wrote an alerting and monitoring system for AWS config changes.

Salesforce San Francisco, CA

Security Engineer, Intern

Summer 2014

- Created a perimeter monitoring platform for 100k+ public-facing IP addresses.
- Conducted offensive security exercises as a part of the Salesforce Red Team.

Sharewave (acq. by Gust) New York, NY

Software Engineer, Intern

Summer 2013

- Built front-end user pages using Angular for an MVP of an equity management platform.
- Architected DB schemas and wrote core backend logic for document & user management.

Personal Projects


Georgia Institute of Technology
B.S. in Computer Science
2012 - 2015
GPA: 4.0

Teaching Assistant (Intro to Discrete Math)
Admin, Grey Hat (Information security student organization)
Director, HackGT (Georgia Tech's national hackathon)


Java (incl. Android)
.NET (C#, VB)
Linux, OS X, Windows
Last updated 7/30/2018