EZBlocker is a simple-to-use ad blocker/muter for Spotify. EZBlocker will attempt to block ads on Spotify from loading. If an ad does load, EZBlocker will mute Spotify until the ad is over.

There are no fancy features, just pure ad blocking. When an ad is blocked, only Spotify is muted, so no other sounds will be affected. EZBlocker aims to be the most stable and reliable ad blocker for Spotify.

There's no setup required - just drag it into any folder and run. To upgrade your EZBlocker, simply replace the executable.

EZBlocker v1.6.7


Latest: Download v1.6.8.0 (June 30, 2016)
EZBlocker Changelog and Previous Versions

EZBlocker requires .NET Framework 4.5 and Windows 7/8/10.


What does "Mute Only Spotify" do?
If this is enabled, EZBlocker will only mute Spotify instead of your whole computer. This means other sounds from other programs will continue playing.

Why is my Spotify is permanently muted?
There may be issues with EZBlocker muting Spotify on your computer. If this is the case, uncheck the "Mute Only Spotify" option on EZBlocker. You can manually modify your Spotify's volume by opening the Volume Mixer.

How do I block banner ads?
Check the "Disable all ads" box to enable banner blocking. Enabling and disabling this feature requires you to run EZBlocker with administrator privileges.

Does EZBlocker block video commercials?
EZBlocker will mute videos but not prevent them from playing. If you don't want video ads, make sure you keep your Spotify minimized.

Why does my anti-virus say EZBlocker is a virus?
The latest version of EZBlocker may be picked up as "Trojan.Generic" by a few AV vendors. This is most likely due to the way EZBlocker disables Spotify's banner ads. If you do not feel comfortable downloading the executables directly, feel free to view the source code and compile it yourself.

How do I donate?
I don't accept donations for EZBlocker. I would rather you spend your money on Spotify Premium. If Spotify Premium isn't offered in your region, I suggest donating to a non-profit such as the Tor Project.

Is EZBlocker open source?
Yes it is, and I encourage all to contribute. The source & technical description is available on Github.

If you run into any issues, comment below in detail the issue you're having.

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1136 Comments on "EZBlocker – Spotify Ad Blocker"

6 days 6 hours ago

Hey Eric – I’ve been using your tool for I think about three years now and have been happy with it ever since, keep up the great work and thank you for making this available.

As a note of feedback: there used to be a “Add to blocklist” button which I’m occasionally missing, I guess now and then one slips through your fully automated adblocking which was introduced in V1.5.

7 days 3 hours ago

Thanks you for this useful software , publicity are so annoying they use them too much often , every 2 or 3 music for 2 publicity of 1m both thats really annoying

8 days 3 hours ago

Very nice/usefull app, I think it will be very nice if user could set alternetive mp3 path which will be played during mute ad time, what you think about?

8 days 17 hours ago

Hi Eric
I have issues with EZblocker and AVG antivirus. When i disable the antivirus EZblocker works fine, but when AVG is on it keeps displaying “loading…” and does not mute the ads. I’ve tried adding exemptions for EZblocker and Spotify but it did not help. So any advice/fix would be much appreciated. Thanks for your work regardless.

8 days 16 hours ago

It’s the built in linkscanner! disabling it works. Would be nice to not have to do that though.

10 days 1 hour ago

it just mute the add, not block

14 days 1 minute ago

Hello , Eric, I updated to last version after getting auto exit , but now its does not mute all ads , also this used to skips all ads , if you are unable to skips the ads can you do something about video / pop up ads? even if they are muted they do eat my internet data ;/

15 days 2 hours ago

hi! would you consider making something similar for Linux? every solution I’ve found so far only mutes the ads instead of skipping them.

8 days 11 hours ago

This does the same… This mutes and not skips. My suggestion is to play a local file while you wait for the adds to finish.

18 days 17 hours ago

doesn’t work deleted my host file aswell please fix foreal

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